Practice updates

We had a great first week with 2-4 swimmers per lane. General workout themes are going to be added to the calendar starting mid Oct so you can get a sense of what to expect each day.

Locker rooms

The locker rooms are available and do require masking while not actively showering. 

Parking Lot

There has been increased theft reports in the area over the last year and as a result View Ridge has made sure the parking lot lights will remain on until we have finished our practice. They do advise taking the normal precautions of not leaving any visible to attract theft. We will also be sliding the gate to the pool closed after practice is underway to discourage non-HMST visitors. If you need to leave early, the gate is not locked and can be opened by sliding it.


The rainy season has started, but doesn’t impact our practices. For those days when we have driving rain, it might be advisable to leave your dry bags just inside the locker room as the building overhangs don’t always protect the bench areas. So far we have only had to suspend or cancel practices when lightning occurs.

Pool Sharing

There is a USA Swimming age group swim team ahead of us that practices until ~8:15. Please allow sufficient room for the kids to exit to ensure an efficient transition.