Changes for Fall 2021 swim season

With practices starting soon on September 21, we would like to make everyone aware of how some things will be different from previous years.

Waivers and USMS registration

All swimmers are required to be USMS registered prior to attending a practice. USMS has updated the registration process to include an electronic version of the practice waiver. As a result, paper waivers will no longer be needed or accepted.

Practices length and days

Husky Masters will now be offering 1 hour long practices Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:20 PM. We are starting out at this tempo to ensure we are able to offer practices for an extended period rather than burn through all our reserves. As the situation evolves we will be keeping an eye on any possible additions that could be offered.

We will be renting the entire pool with all 8 lanes available. As such there might need to be some reshuffling of preferred lanes and reassessment of comfortable pacing. Please be flexible when showing up to practices to help ensure the lanes are balanced and grouped by appropriate pacing.

Practice themes have been temporarily suspended while we get back to normal swimming. For the most part practices will be mid distance freestyle with options to chose stroke.


We will only be offering a single practice payments at this time at $13/practice, no new punch passes will be available for purchase. Other forms of payment including passes will be evaluated at a later date. Those with existing punch passes will be receiving an email on how they can make use of their remaining practices. If you had a punch pass and have not received an email, please email for assistance.

We have taken the opportunity during this unexpected break to enhance the website and change how to signup and pay for practices. All practice signups will now take place via the new Husky Masters Event Calendar which includes integrated payment options including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. This calendar will allow you to signup ahead of time for your desired practices and will generate an attendance list. There will no longer be a sign-in sheet or punch passes to mark off on the pool deck.

For more information on how to signup please check out the How to Signup for Practice page.

COVID Restrictions

We ask that all swimmers be fully vaccinated. At this time there are no restrictions preventing us from restoring practices at View Ridge Swim and Tennis Club. We do not believe we will reach the threshold of attendance needed to require masks all the way to pool side, but we will keep everyone informed on any requirements that are in place for the facility. We do not believe the locker rooms will be available, but will update if that changes. Locker rooms are available and all indoor masking mandates are in effect for those areas.

We do ask everyone to only attend a practice if they are feeling healthy. Please email if you have any positive test results after attending a practice so we can assist with any contact tracing efforts.