End of 2021/2022 Swim Season

April 28th will be the last practice of the 2021/2022 swim season. After that Husky Masters will be on break until we are able to rent pool time again (typically Sept). During the summer, View Ridge Swim and Tennis Club make full use of the pool and there is no opportunity for Husky Masters to rent any pool time.

Unfortunately the Seattle area is very challenging to find pool space. The evening time slot for pools is extremely competitive and previous attempts to locate pool space have not been fruitful.

During the summer, many swimmers can be found in the local lakes when they warm up or the Puget Sound (one such group is the Western Washington Open Water Swimmers). Other options include lap swim times at local pools or other USMS groups (typically with practices in the mornings). One such group that practices at View Ridge in the mornings is GLAD. Other USMS groups can be found via the USMS Club Finder

Previously the HMST Facebook page has been used by individuals to coordinate meetups including mid to late summer swims at Madison Beach Park. Other activities include Fat Salmon and other open water races. We will attempt to add events as we are aware of them to the calendar for awareness.

During the summer the HMST board will be preparing for negotiations of pool rental next season. We intend to survey the group about priorities.
If you missed signing up for any practice in time, we have also created a way to catch up Missed Practice Payment Product.