Husky Masters COVID Status

We hope everyone is doing well and making the best of this situation we are all in. The Husky Masters Swim Team board has been exploring ways to provide safe and healthy ways of restoring coached swim practices this fall. Since COVID-19 started, USMS has issued a new Liability waiver and asserted that workout groups must follow all state and local rules and regulations. Unfortunately between the state regulations, the requirements of our insurance, and resulting fiscal constraints, we are unable to develop a plan that would allow practices to resume until conditions change.

Should any of the situation, requirements, or other factors that impact our ability to resume the Husky Masters Swim Team change, the board will aggressively explore the options. The recent survey provided considerable guidance on the factors needed to resume operation. 

In the meantime, we are attempting to identify other swimming opportunities that might be available in the area outside of the Husky Masters Swim Team. This might take the form of paid lap swims or suggestions of other groups that are operating.

One option that is not constrained by pool restrictions is open water swimming. Several swimmers are very active in the open water swimming community including members of the Western Washington Open Water Facebook Group. While we are not aware of any formal events being organized, that group and others like it have been providing tips and support to swimmers new to swimming in our local bodies of water including lakes and Puget Sound.

Stay safe and healthy and we will hope to see everyone back in the pool as soon as possible. The Husky Masters Swim Team board can reach by emailing