Based at the University of Washington in Seattle, we are a US Masters swim club affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Association of Masters Swimmers.



***UPDATED 09/18/17*** PRACTICE CONTINUES TO BE CANCELED UNTIL UW FIXES THE POOL! We are still waiting to hear from UW as to when this issue will be fixed; thank you for your patience. The Fall schedule is set and will be starting September 5th! For the current schedule (barring any other sudden changes), visit the Practice page. YOU MUST HAVE A CURRENT USMS REGISTRATION TO SWIM WITH US. Contact JoinHuskyMasters@gmail.com with questions.

Welcome to the Husky Masters website! We're an evening masters swimming program that uses the Hec Ed Pavilion pool on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, Washington. Please join us on Facebook to get the latest information.


  • Husky Masters Swim Team exists to provide community members, UW faculty, staff, alumni and students a competitive platform to pursue their swimming ambitions
  • We hold regular practices where workouts are prepared for a variety of skill and energy levels
  • We compete in several local, national and international swim meets each year as a team including PNA Champs in April.
  • We maintain a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere and encourage everyone to participate in some way besides just in the water at practice.